Month: December 2013

Muapil sa Oathtaking? Dili?

Unsa man jud? 300 ang ticket sa? then 200 daw every person nga imung dal-on? The date is Dec 30. For sure, holiday na jud na. So unsa man? We need each other’s voices, people.

Calling for comments.



PEARL: mga bai… nagplan ko nga magmasters… ang school tentative pa… sa CNU ta to, MA.Ed Sci. Education… naa ta sa USC… MS pero bio, chem, ug physics man… walay gen. sci… what u think? which is better? kamo when man?


Hi Eukaryotes. This website slash custom blog is dedicated to the four of us. I know we’re all busy and starting to have our own lives. It’s already really hard to connect. Sometimes walay load si kinsa, uban tagsa ra pud mag-facebook.

So I’ve thought about this.

Everytime you go to the web, all you have to do is log on to this blog and see each of our posts and announcements (if there are any). Each of the members can leave their comment in the comment section so there would be a constant flow of communication.

I’ll message you in facebook for the username and password.

You can always post here whatever you want us to know. Like gibuwagan mo, nagkaon mu nga naghimo sa inyung lesson plan or what, just let us know.


I LOVE YOU. See you soon!

Karen An.