PRC Update

Last year, during one of the most memorable years of my life, graduating from doobidoo college and actually passing the board exam with a beautiful but heartbreaking average, I voluntarily put the shackles and chains of employment on my otherwise free limbs. Alright, that was an OA metaphor, just got my first job.

So during the teachers orientation (where I secretly despised the clicheic speech of one one of the topnotch takers), I didn’t bother getting my ID. Well, only partly because there was a ton of people on the stage and I deciphered that if I ever get messed up among the throng of people, I could either get myself crushed or be left out by  my group of friends who were going to Shakey’s to celebrate the epic entrance to life (or the death of it).

Silly reason, isn’t it? But I chose to go with my friends and left my ID and certification to the hands of PRC instead. Anyway, what could get wrong, I wouldn’t be needing it for now.

But time goes out quickly and now it’s almost a year after a lazily left my identification card to the dens of the devil. Now..I NEED IT.

So what to do? I left the day from work to claim that precious little evidence of my existence. I went to Pavillion Hotel, because, take note yo’s, they (the PRC guys) are renovating as of 05-09-14. I asked around for how I could actually get my ID even though it’s been almost a year and their team is currently busy with renewals and stuff. I expected the office to be calmer than the last time we went there for Board Exam Registration. But I was wrong. It was the same mess with people standing, sitting on every corner, falling in line, begging at the guards. Typical.

It’s sick. You think college was hard? Well try to get over PRC. Hahaha, they will be judging your fate.

I went there only to find out that I couldn’t get my ID because it’s in the other building and it can only be accessed after the renovation. I was enraged. But I’m not the type of people who make scenes. So I just accepted the bitter reality of it and calmly walked away, hopeless. Also mad at myself because it was my fault.

I wish the PRC has a better system than this. Seriously guys, where do our fees go? Your office is in the basement of a hotel (point taken, you’re renovating) without even a formal outline of the process to guide the people coming to your aide to make their lives better?

Hash hash, I can’t end the rage.




  1. True this… haha… I can actually relate to this. When I was getting my ID at PRC, I suffered the same fate. There system is!!! I got frustrated like more than 10 times while waiting in the line. Then there were this 2 girls who are talking so much in front of me, it’s like my personal living hell!!!

    But, thank God I still survived that debacle and got my reward… Alas! My License! Oh, yeah!!!

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