On New Theme and Good Friends

by Karen An

It’s habitual reading of multiple blogs and sites that had made me realize what I’ve been ignoring in the major (major) rules of blogging – content. As the site’s originator, I started up looking for themes that would sport a professional (and maybe sophisticated – deng) look to this scrap of a site; of course I wanted it to look good to my folks. But not really, as it turned out. And content is still king.

So Ding, Perlas and Ja, I changed the site’s theme again to air a somewhat minimalist ambiance – whether you read things that I trash here or not – since I think I’m the only one active in this thing; except Pearl of course. Have you heard? She’s set up her own site! Check out her blog here.

We haven’t been in touch lately, most guiltily for me since I missed out two events with you. Now Magding is practically teaching full time in the public setting, Pearl pursues her masters while prods on teaching at AIT and Jasmine? Hey Ja, I haven’t really heard a lot. What’s up? I’m still doing my thing, as you know. But I resigned from my previous job and luckily got into this new company. I rant about life and war and loves – and sometimes old age erotica, haha – now.

I don’t know if I should envy you guys for being so sure of everything – with paths laid out before you; to teach with fiery passion and the burning ideals to make a change. Me? I really don’t know. Torn between two lovers pa ko.

new book offers contemporary view on independent learning

new book offers contemporary view on independent learning

It’s a mess and sometimes I feel like being the group’s black sheep (probably the batch’s black sheep, even). I think this is what one gets from swallowing too much liberal ideas like why avoid the predetermined structure of school? It’s an intrinsic thing, really. And I respect it if you don’t understand me, hehe.

Whatever, I’d just reserve the rest for my blog. Do stay in touch. And hey, my birthday’s incoming. Ja, is the dinosaur still alive? Whehe. See you soon. Hit me with your most convincing text messages so I could come out of my hole. And oh! I moved out – staying somewhere in Lahug.

I love you!


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