About JKMP



Magdalena Llanes
Love is her acid but she keeps pouring herself with it. Demure damsel.

Jasmin Lucernas
Strong. Wise. Interestingly beautiful.

Pearl Baguio
The girl with the most interesting life story.

Karen Guardiana
Author of this Bio. Full time writer who strives to keep her sanity.


JKMP is a memory lane, always under construction, subject to the never-ending process of change. JKMP is our very own testimony of friendship and how these genuine connections make life an easier journey to tread.




  1. Karen: Haha wa pud ko lingaw ani Pearl. Made the blog, the posts, and the pages within an hour nga na-sayu ko sa trabahuan. Asa na kaha diay tong duha? Busy na kaayu sa ilang life ui.

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