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Discovering Oppo in Balamban

Okay. This is not a sponsored post gentle ladies, though you may think otherwise.

I’ve had the privilege of a long vacation from work and so took laag time up North. My target was Balamban. The trip was unexpected but hey, what’s really new with my M.O.

Anyhow, I’ve been hearing a lot about this new phone brand and its (to quote Jasmin) ‘incredible features’ like transferring files via simple screen contact, semi spy cams and anti-theft technology. I’m no tech blogger but I might as well get started. Let’s look into the journey of Oppo and how it is slowly earning a reputable name in the smartphone industry.

The Brand

OPPO Electronics Corp. is a Chinese electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. Its major product lines include MP3 players, portable media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and smartphones. Founded in 2004, the company has registered the OPPO brand name in many parts of the world.


The Chinese rookie penetrated the Philippine market just April of last year (2014). Within the span of less than a year, they managed to top the mobile race in the archipelago and earn the trust of the Filipino consumer.

Meet Jevie. She’s the beaming face of Oppo I met on my northern Cebu escapade. DSC_0370Her neon green shirt offers a familiar sight. Having already heard positive stories from friends, I decided to check out her displays since it seems to be the only exclusive smartphone stand in the area. Cool, I thought. Talk about effort.

Jevie introduced me confidently to her babies. Among which, here are some stand outs:

Flagship Phones

Oppo N3. The N1 successor was initially launched in Singapore last October 2014 and released in the Philippines in November. Armed with a 206-degree rotating camera, it makes seamless selfies possible (you will like this Ding). It can be navigated by on-screen gestures or touch access. The device can also be remotely controlled with the O-Click, so I guess that eliminates the obvious hand-holding-the-cam problem. N3 also sports the Oppo trademark VOOC technology, rapid charging capacity. That means a five-minute charging time could give you a two-hour phone call and in only 30 minutes, you can restore 75% of the phone’s battery life.

Specs include:

  • 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974AA quad-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 5.5-inch full HD display, 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 32GB of storage
  • 16-megapixel rotating camera
  • Dual-SIM
  • 3G, LTE
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS
  • Android 4.4 KitKat with Color OS
  • 3000mAh battery

Current selling price: 29 000 php

Oppo R5. Introduced alongside N3, Oppo R5 currently holds the record for the thinnest smartphone in the world (4.85mm). A quick YouTube hunting will get you to a really astonishing video ad. Whoever uses a smartphone for a knife or a hammer to break or pound stuff. The runover test got my curiosity peaked. This is something. I was always apprehensive of smartphones before due to my carelessness. Perhaps this is an answer?

The ultra-thin design is just made more appealing by its sturdiness. Add that to these surprisingly uncompromising specs for such a slim phone:

  • 1.5GHz Qualcmm Snapdragon MSM8939 octa-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 5.2-inch AMOLED display, 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 13-megapixel rear camera with AF, F2.0 lens 5-megapixel front camera
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS 3G, LTE Android 4.4 KitKat with Color OS
  • 2000mAh battery with VOOC fast charging technology

Current selling price: 22 000 php

You can visit the Oppo Philippines website for detailed specifications of their smartphone products. There are, as well, downloadable guides for backups and upgrades.

Oppo Star Series Collection 2014 Quick Model Overview:

Oppo N3: 16MP Motorized Rotating Camera

Oppo R5: Ultra Thin Design

Oppo Find 7a: Rapid Charge

Oppo N1: Rotating Camera

Oppo N1 Mini: Rotatable Camera

Oppo Neo 3: OTG Connection

Oppo Joy: Easy Gesture

Oppo Yoyo: Screen Transfer Technology

Oppo R1: Night Shot 8MP Sensor Camera

Oppo Find 5 Mini: F2.0 Big Aperture

Oppo Neo: Quick Reach Gesture

Mirror 3: The New Dimension

The progress of Oppo’s local fame is remarkable. In the course of mere months, they have invaded stores of all sizes and are hitting sales charts record high.

Apparently the branding efforts are paying off, especially when they are this enthusiastic.

A quick tour around SM City Cebu or the Colon area would give you a better idea of how these guys are smartly sailing the wavy waters of competition. You’re doing it real good Oppo. Yet with the fast-charging advancements in innovation with competing brands, will this promising startup be able to keep its momentum?

We’ll see.



JKMP in Oslob

There are plenty of things you realize once you start living by your own paychecks. One of them is that your treasure chest of future time is now leased to another. And you finally learn how time is really gold.

Almost two years after college and here is JKMP. Going strong, staying solid. Girls who share only our differences as common ground. The stray, the cynic, the fighter. The demure damsel. But we’ve managed, and we like it that way. We talk about life and tell stories, although these are different kinds of stories now. We feed friendship with these little tales. So, owing to the time that holidays and weekends graced us with, we took chat time to Oslob.

Oslob. Whale sharks. Mainstream. But this is our first far trip in a long while, and we sought submergence in the blue, in the cool and far, but still familiar. So we brought tickets, climbed aboard a non-air conditioned bus (because wind), and headed off to Ate Veny’s place. This is a familiar accommodation place for travelers seeking a homey ambiance in an unacquainted terrain. Ate Veny married a Korean War veteran and they have a  very pretty (married now) daughter – ref. proud pictures on the wall, plus we stayed in her room. The place is just  a house and they’re having the extra rooms rented to tourists. Three things that would harrow me back given another chance: Squirt, the blind black cat, the plants and the green yard, and the little cemetery near the sea wall.

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I lugged two books with me because although I have plenty of time before the fun, there is a certain attraction to movement that keeps my eyes open and elusive to little naps. I wanted to savor as much as these once-in-a-blue-moon getaways as much as possible. So, through the sepia-blue gaze of my sunglasses, I read through Ronaldo Rindo’s Suburban Metaphysics, of old men pissing on rooftops and dandelions. I inhaled the fresh air, smelt the passing scents of ampaos and lechon, and recorded snippets of the journey to my hopefully adept memory. We arrived at Brgy. Tan-Awan at 12 noon. Checked in and went out again for lunch. There are scarce karinderias in the place, but thankfully there’s Brumini for a nice, chillax area to refresh after the three-hour butt-wrenching bus ride. We feasted over grilled pork, Jasmin’s humba and Pearl’s spaghetti.

Ate Veny negotiated habal-habal drivers for us going to Tumalog Falls, an infamous go-to place once in Oslob. Fare is 120 per head and 20 php for the entrance. We rode through fair weather with the azure seas on the side of the road. I stole a few seconds to outstretch my arm. Being the weekends after the holidays, we were greeted with a crowd in the area. We had to walk down because it’s a separate ride to the falls and we don’t want anymore paying. So, through nervous glances at the steep downway and some selfies, destination Tumalog was a success. It rained the morning earlier so the gush of water was just enough to accommodate the water-greedy tourists. And to voyeurs too, like me. I figured my maxi dress and my weaved slippers probably wouldn’t do well in the water, so I kept to the corner and contended myself with shooting JMP’s photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Voyeurism is a job I take seriously. 30% sarcasm involved.

We decided to go back to Ate Veny’s place to change. Then arranged rides once again going to the town’s Heritage Park. It was already 04:30 pm but no time could’ve been more perfect for  a visit. It wasn’t hot, nor humid. The sky was a bit grey but not bleak. It was a park, alright. But it was the parkest park I’ve ever been to. The tourists, the locals, families, lovers, friends, children chasing each other in their bicycles. Occasional vendors. It was the perfect way to end a day. The breeze is reassuring, somehow telling of a would-be tomorrow. No. Not really. It was telling of here. Of fleeting moments. But of the present, nonetheless.

It was already six when we went to the market just outside the park perimeter to check out some local food. BBQ was an agreed choice and so we sad with locals kids over isaw and baboy and puso.

The night is young. So what do four tired girls do on a Saturday night? RH. Pulutan. And some random throw-your-cent-to-the-table kind of confession slash imperative storytelling ensued. I never get bored with these things. And when you have true people to confide with, everything always feels a bit light on your shoulder. I’m glad for late night conversations and crazy girls. Magding has gone over 30 selfies per hour on average already. Crazy girl. But then, who could disagree? Peace Ding.

That night, some news closed an otherwise flawless day. Death. Always lingering. The death of a close acquaintance always a reminder of our own frail existence. That night, I looked for stars to remind me that even grand fires crumble and lose their luster too.

Everyone has gone to bed when I went outside and finished Rindo’s anthology. Then I got started with James Salter’s Cassada. That’s when I met Squirt the black blind cat. He was very fat. He used to be a stray (look, I found a fellow!), says the couple. They took him in. I’ll look for him when I come back.


Hah! What a find. You see, these are the sorts I look for in places. Subtle but effective reminders. Postmarks.SAM_0067

The following morning, it was hard to wake up. We were supposed to take a quick dip in the sea before heading back to the city. But morning weariness (and laziness) wrapped the three girls in their comforters. So I took the liberty of probing the sea wall side. And holla! I saw this:

I ventured the shoreline for some interesting stuff, though I never really expected to find anything there, until I stumbled upon these:

reminds me of sir JP's stromatolites

reminds me of sir JP’s stromatolites


I talked with some of the local workers. They said they belong to an organization called TOWSFA (Tan-awan Oslob Whale Shark Fishing Association). They said they bring food to the butandings. They said I should join the mob (who are visible on a distant horizon like ants during a flood) to witness the gentle giants. I said, nah. I’ll reserve that for next time.

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It’s nice talking to them. I do find thrill in talking to strangers. Strangers with stories. Theirs, a familiar one. Ah, that’s what they do. Ah, they’re the bottom line of some bogus political game. I kept the thought to my head and headed back inside. They were already dressed when I came back so I hurried through a hot shower for breakfast. There, we met Ate Veny’s husband. A nice, smiling man who talks about boats and girls and books. A 125 php meal turned out to be a lot – hot coffee, banana cake, buttered scrambled eggs, bacon and fried rice. Perfect for  a long journey. SAM_0048

Then we said our goodbyes. To the couple. To Oslob. And to death – for now. It’s time for acceptance. It’s time for restarts. It’s time to come home.

Iching’s Wedding, Yos

December 20. It’s Rachel’s wedding day. She was happy.  All smiles, white, flowing buda, with that baby bump. A husband, finally. I’m not gonna talk about wedding. I cannot be sure of marriage; I don’t have any stance on it yet. Even before, I could foresee myself as a celibate. Perhaps I’ve already accepted that fate.But maybe a small part of me also wanted to walk down the isle and say the proverbial ‘I do.’ Anyway, not going to talk about it. (!)

I met the girls (some of the girls). O’Hanna representative: Dea Gae, Undin and Bebang. JKMP reps: Karen An and Magding. Meding’s Colony: Meding, Dina, Shodi and Nins. The group pretty much resembled our former Kawit group. It was fun – seeing them again, after maybe almost two years already. Two years! I doesn’t seem to be that long: when you expect them to be different people – you find out nothing much really changed. They’re still them and there’s some kind of comfort in it. A kind of badass security knowing that the company you once had are just as they are, standing still, unaging. Maybe some little replications of themselves, an addition to a growing family – a baby (the little people), a husband, a baby (the babes).

There’s much to be grateful for. They said college friends are friends for life. I really hope so. Missing the other guys though. You absentees! Now here are some groupies (#wefies?) – the kind of vanity you couldn’t refuse when in the mob. To drool over folks, hope we could get around a bit sometime.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Kia, Bibang, Sisc – taking up Masters in CTU, with Anel
Shodi – under Sir Tiempo’s temple, LLC 🙂
Magding and Nins – public school babies
Undin – licensed (whohoo) and with a year-old-and-something beautiful baby girl; she can do your eyebrows now guys
Karen An – still doodling

Iching – well, what can we say? Happy and expecting. ‘Nuff said.

Others, from speculations and rumors:

Pearl – teaching at AIT, taking up Masters from CNU, with Jasmininsis
Dina – eperformax agent and ayeeh! Guess what.
Meding – teaching at St. Dom? Verify Ding
Bibang – ESL, Masters and busy
Sisc – ESL, (happy with Chi), and busy
Krislyn – married!, public school teacher too, and very very pregnant
Fanuel – St. Cecilia’s? (who can verify?)
Fretz – anak, kumusta na ikaw? straight hair, happy teacher
X-May – teaching?
Asil – sinong may balita sa tao na eytu?
Segismar – subbing, yeheay!
Mary Rose – Convergy’s?
Seares – ePer?

Segundina – calcium white, too busy being a beautiful bone

Hope to see you Viridans again, soon. No good-byes.

P.S. Mao pa ning pics akong nakawat from Dina. whehe

Home on the Web

by Karen An

Digesting the fact that there exists an immense information superhighway that can connect you to places you may never set foot on can be overwhelming. The internet is probably too good to be true that the majority fail to use it to its greater potential; settling content to the substandard – either by ignorance or disinterest, undermining the real power of the technology to one’s own limits. So if you’re sitting the day out to facebook-google-youtube for the tragic reason that you believe they’re all there are to the internet, then my friend, you are obviously picking stones on a mountain of diamonds.

computer reactionOr, to a safer level, on a mountain of carbon. The internet is probably more of a squabble of dirt than a pile of gems (personal opinion from a skeptic). Like a loyal servant, it gives one what one seeks which makes it a fair game. The quality of the find is relative to the amount of critical judgment and curiosity thrown. And, it pays to have a lot patience, too.

On a personal note, I’ve been limiting my wanderlusting to the virtual world – shame, thanks to being young and broke – as far as surfing time could stretch whether at home or in the office (shush don’t tell my boss). I have wandered here and there to find a comfortable nook in this colorful parade of URLs. And luckily, I’ve found home in some. Most of them were suggested by friends, some serendipitously uncovered from the haunt. So JMP, here are my top 11 websites. I know you know some of them already, harrowing back painful memories, but for the sake of the list, tadaa!


A Magazine of Arts & Politics. I visit this site for the fiction which are awfully good but it’s a rich repository of art, poetry and nonfiction. It features a brew of culturally-diverse literary artists with superb works such as Eula Biss, Horacio Castellanos Moya, Rivka Galchen, and Deb Olin Unferth among many others.

Khan Academy

You can learn anything. Yes that’s right. Thanks to this website’s comprehensive resource of academic information, helpful for academic practitioners, parents and learners. From Biotechnology to Algebra and Economics, you can find an ‘extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.’ I found out about this site when I was fishing some good apps for windows, turns out it’s free. Holla!

Pank Magazine

I’m obsessed with this website. Especially when greeted with subheadlines that read: Harry lost his eyeballs first. Such easy things to lose, we understood. Hospitable right? Like with Guernica, I come here for the fiction. That is, queer, offset, novel and the odd kind of fiction until I am stripped of everything (figurative) but raw awe for these writers’ weird genius. They also sport interviews, reviews, and oh – a shop! I wonder what’s in there.

Brain Pickings

This one I found through facebook from some literary friends and from geeky sir Gibson. Brain Pickings was established by writer Maria Popova in 2006, originally starting out as a weekly email she sent to seven friends. Thank goodness it was brought online or else I wouldn’t have known this funny book of how to be a nonconformist or this epic resignation letter from Sherwood Anderson. The website offers well-researched and organized motivational and informative articles on creativity, literature, social issues and a kaleidoscopic spectacle of brain pickings for hungry minds.

Science Direct

Sa mga nag-antos sa ilang research, Science Direct is gon’ be yo’ saviah! This is one of the major sites that helped me get through my thesis in college, remember Ja? haha. Pearl, I think you remember this. Science Direct is an extensive database of publications by subject (e.g. Materials Science, Toxicology, Arts and Humanities, etc.). Just punch in the right keywords and it wouldn’t be long before your analysis problem switches from ‘what to’ to ‘how to.’: an improvement on the procedural level; hell of a problem on the brain level. The website shows the whole or a part of the paper’s abstract and if of interest, the whole material is available for purchase. But of course, there are plenty of other resources in the web. Again, dig in – be up all night and (hopefully) get lucky.

Paper Darts

paper darts

Paper Darts is an online literary magazine. But I come here for the art. Apart from artistic contributions, Paper Darts is a host to contemporary fiction, nonfiction and modern poetry. The site makes it very clear for their readers: Online Content Published Whenever They Want. I love sites with the attitude. Good colors too. And some lady octopus for a logo – overWIN!


I discovered WorldHum from Jona Bering. Do you remember her? I think she’s the Ang Suga Editor-In-Chief when we were freshmen or the year before, I’m not sure. Now, she’s a successful writer, columnist and travel photographer (ahh, what a life). She also teaches in University of the Philippines. I found her awesome blog earlier this year and I was fascinated by her spirit. Anyway, so WorldHum is a site for travel stories. Sorry teachers, I don’t intend to get you smitten by wanderlust but now I think you should. Damay damay damay na ‘to.

Science Daily

Of course, my beloved Science Daily, which gained my patronage for its timely revelation of the Higgs Boson success. The biggest find of 21st century science was a good bait for me to regularly visit its crannies. And it never disappoints. Everyday, I find new awesome content including the hidden archeology of Stonehenge and the newsworthy rejection of JBS Haldane’s 80-year-old theory of primordial soup.

Thought Catalog

Oh, I included TC on my list. I wonder why. Well, partly because I still believe in humanity and partly because I believe humanity is in Brianna Weist and so long as she keeps sprouting those tagos-pusong pieces, I will patiently scurry through the feminist-overridden listicles and the occasional barrage of angry chauvinists.


This is my favorite ‘Oh Really!’ site. It poses random facts and trivia about all sorts of things from sports to history, both geeky and creepy. You can also post questions to the admin about something that’s been itching your brain lately, though I doubt they can answer Nietzschey what-is-the-true-meaning-of-life types of questions. Still, you can learn about the true origin of potato chips or the bloody ‘murder of crows and the exploding toad epidemic‘ – now that is one hell of a start.


And whoever doesn’t tune in to their playlist while scrolling down facebook? Jango is a personal preference. There are other good music sites you can find on the web like TuneIn Radio and Spotify. But I fell in love with Jango first. It’s an online radio wherein you can search by your favorite artist’s/band’s name and the site automatically cascades the rest of your ‘for listening’ list with similar artists of the identified genre. The result is a continuous flow of indie/rock/pop mood or whatsoever suits your temperament throughout. It’s perfect for those who are too lazy to create their random playlist for the day. AND, a cleverly wonderful way to discover new music.

In case you’re wondering, it’s The Rolling Stones in the background.

Check these sites out some time, or return the favor by letting me know your favorite sites as well.

Good morning!

On New Theme and Good Friends

by Karen An

It’s habitual reading of multiple blogs and sites that had made me realize what I’ve been ignoring in the major (major) rules of blogging – content. As the site’s originator, I started up looking for themes that would sport a professional (and maybe sophisticated – deng) look to this scrap of a site; of course I wanted it to look good to my folks. But not really, as it turned out. And content is still king.

So Ding, Perlas and Ja, I changed the site’s theme again to air a somewhat minimalist ambiance – whether you read things that I trash here or not – since I think I’m the only one active in this thing; except Pearl of course. Have you heard? She’s set up her own site! Check out her blog here.

We haven’t been in touch lately, most guiltily for me since I missed out two events with you. Now Magding is practically teaching full time in the public setting, Pearl pursues her masters while prods on teaching at AIT and Jasmine? Hey Ja, I haven’t really heard a lot. What’s up? I’m still doing my thing, as you know. But I resigned from my previous job and luckily got into this new company. I rant about life and war and loves – and sometimes old age erotica, haha – now.

I don’t know if I should envy you guys for being so sure of everything – with paths laid out before you; to teach with fiery passion and the burning ideals to make a change. Me? I really don’t know. Torn between two lovers pa ko.

new book offers contemporary view on independent learning

new book offers contemporary view on independent learning

It’s a mess and sometimes I feel like being the group’s black sheep (probably the batch’s black sheep, even). I think this is what one gets from swallowing too much liberal ideas like why avoid the predetermined structure of school? It’s an intrinsic thing, really. And I respect it if you don’t understand me, hehe.

Whatever, I’d just reserve the rest for my blog. Do stay in touch. And hey, my birthday’s incoming. Ja, is the dinosaur still alive? Whehe. See you soon. Hit me with your most convincing text messages so I could come out of my hole. And oh! I moved out – staying somewhere in Lahug.

I love you!

Rancho Cancio

Hi Bai,

Naa ko nakit-an samtang nag-ukay ukay kos internet. Wa ko kahibaw, naa ra diay ning paraisuha luyo sa amua. Ari nya ta! Gali lang, naay minimum number of people. Kailangan pa reserve daan. Waddaya say?

rancho cancio


Visit this page for more information:


PRC Update

Last year, during one of the most memorable years of my life, graduating from doobidoo college and actually passing the board exam with a beautiful but heartbreaking average, I voluntarily put the shackles and chains of employment on my otherwise free limbs. Alright, that was an OA metaphor, just got my first job.

So during the teachers orientation (where I secretly despised the clicheic speech of one one of the topnotch takers), I didn’t bother getting my ID. Well, only partly because there was a ton of people on the stage and I deciphered that if I ever get messed up among the throng of people, I could either get myself crushed or be left out by  my group of friends who were going to Shakey’s to celebrate the epic entrance to life (or the death of it).

Silly reason, isn’t it? But I chose to go with my friends and left my ID and certification to the hands of PRC instead. Anyway, what could get wrong, I wouldn’t be needing it for now.

But time goes out quickly and now it’s almost a year after a lazily left my identification card to the dens of the devil. Now..I NEED IT.

So what to do? I left the day from work to claim that precious little evidence of my existence. I went to Pavillion Hotel, because, take note yo’s, they (the PRC guys) are renovating as of 05-09-14. I asked around for how I could actually get my ID even though it’s been almost a year and their team is currently busy with renewals and stuff. I expected the office to be calmer than the last time we went there for Board Exam Registration. But I was wrong. It was the same mess with people standing, sitting on every corner, falling in line, begging at the guards. Typical.

It’s sick. You think college was hard? Well try to get over PRC. Hahaha, they will be judging your fate.

I went there only to find out that I couldn’t get my ID because it’s in the other building and it can only be accessed after the renovation. I was enraged. But I’m not the type of people who make scenes. So I just accepted the bitter reality of it and calmly walked away, hopeless. Also mad at myself because it was my fault.

I wish the PRC has a better system than this. Seriously guys, where do our fees go? Your office is in the basement of a hotel (point taken, you’re renovating) without even a formal outline of the process to guide the people coming to your aide to make their lives better?

Hash hash, I can’t end the rage.


I Went to BIR..

So I went to BIR yesterday to get a stamp on my Form 2305, because basically you would want to help your bosses put some cash on your poverty-stricken pot.

Anyway, I went there at 9am, if you’re thinking about the RDO, it’s Branch 81, the one beside BCPD in Brgy. Luz. So just a really quick tip when you’re coming over to do your sick government business, I’ve outlined some helpful stuff below you could maybe learn from when  it comes your time to do these stuff, like a grown up.

  • Go to the front guard (don’t forget to pay him a good morning/afternoon because that always kind of seems to work). Leave your ID and he’ll give you a number. Simply put, you trade your ID with a square-inch piece of number card.
  • Once you are inside, go to another guard on the right (because guards do multitasking nowadays, I wonder if that’s part of their training) and ask for a priority number. Tell him what you want to get.
  • Your priority number would have some label in it, e.g. TIN Issuance, SLSP, etc. Take a seat somewhere, because the whole place is just literally a waiting area and check the screen for your turn based on your priority number.
  • Once it’s your turn, go to the other room, and look for your counter number, wait to get entertained, and you’re done. Also, make sure that you have all the documents ready before going in there.

In my horrible first time duty as an adult (I felt like a badass), I can say the experience was both relieving and, like all others, something you could really learn from. Just be really careful and clear about what you do because your enemy when processing documents with a government agency is time and also the number of people who come to compete with you on that scarce resource.

So, I went to the guard, asked for directions and gave my ID. When I went to the PN table, I asked the guard where to get my form 2305 stamped and he gave me a PN for TIN Issuance, number 33. So I sat there, waiting, maybe a little bit nervous, I don’t know why. Then there was this dude who attempted to talk to me about my business. Of course I don’t wanna be rude so I answered him back with a little too honest face showing my disinterest. Then tadah.. 33 came and I just walked to the room. There I saw the counter, which was supposed to be 2, and I was like, “yeah, it’s my turn and this is the right counter”. The thing is, idiot doesn’t notice that the arrangement of chairs against the panel of numbers wasn’t too friendly to the confused. They were misaligned so I ended up sitting in counter 3, which is for SLSP. I waited a little bit until this beautiful lady came to ask me what I want. Then she asked me for my priority number. That’s when everything got bad, because I was number 33 and she was supposed to entertain a number 6, I guess. So she told me to get another priority number for SLSP. So I went to the guard again and got my SLSP PN. I waited for the second time and this again, the dude was still there. He asked me for the nth time why I have to update my employment status because, as he said, his employer does that for him. Just my casual, too kind self, I gave him a more decent answer than before because I was waiting for number 11 and the counter was still on 7.

On went a couple of minutes or 5 or 10 minutes, I lost count. Then holla shit it’s my turn, yohoo! I went to the beautiful lady’s desk again, smiling and then she asked for my PN and went straight to what I want. When I said I’m for Form 2305 stamping. Immediately she realized. That my previous priority number was right. And that I was supposed to be in Counter 2. She didn’t tell me though because probably she took pity on me. And so she just forwarded my papers to the other older lady in counter 2. I realized my mistake. I’m a walking flesh of bad luck. So the older woman processed my papers, went on to the database, checked the documents, then did a few stamps. After a very short minute, it was over and I went out with a relieved feeling while at the same time, revisiting a few moments of my plain idiocy. If I could’ve just been a little less dumber than my actual self, then I could’ve been out of that place for a good thirty minutes.

Aftermath, I soaked into my self-blaming state but was a little bit happy of the fast process in the BIR. I was impressed because I thought it would be really hard to go through government transactions. Or maybe it’s just because there weren’t so many people. Whatever it is, it was an O-K-A-Y for a  first time. Im lying. My first time was in SSS spending 8 hours of my earth time praying that the screen would call me up to heaven. That was bad. But hey, some government agencies are now doing some of their services online. The Pag-Ibig website is one. I once accessed the pag-ibig website to inquire about my Pag-Ibig number, because I couldn’t trace it and the reply came out within 24-36 hours. Brilliant. Visit their link here:

RDO – Regional District Office

So what’s your worst government transaction experience?( Oh this is what I get from watching too much vlogs.)


10 Little Defining Moments in a Woman’s Life

Yay! A post that’s not telling us how we’re supposed to be or feel or act, but is celebrating that we already intuitively know how to rock and that growth is a process and a journey and it doesn’t all happen all at once. LOVE IT! (credits to an awesome commenter)

“As I grow older (and I’m writing about this as though I’m about to turn 70), I’ve hit certain moments in a woman’s life that aren’t often discussed, but at some point, happen to every woman.

The moment when…”

Read the full article here: