Iching’s Wedding, Yos

December 20. It’s Rachel’s wedding day. She was happy.  All smiles, white, flowing buda, with that baby bump. A husband, finally. I’m not gonna talk about wedding. I cannot be sure of marriage; I don’t have any stance on it yet. Even before, I could foresee myself as a celibate. Perhaps I’ve already accepted that fate.But maybe a small part of me also wanted to walk down the isle and say the proverbial ‘I do.’ Anyway, not going to talk about it. (!)

I met the girls (some of the girls). O’Hanna representative: Dea Gae, Undin and Bebang. JKMP reps: Karen An and Magding. Meding’s Colony: Meding, Dina, Shodi and Nins. The group pretty much resembled our former Kawit group. It was fun – seeing them again, after maybe almost two years already. Two years! I doesn’t seem to be that long: when you expect them to be different people – you find out nothing much really changed. They’re still them and there’s some kind of comfort in it. A kind of badass security knowing that the company you once had are just as they are, standing still, unaging. Maybe some little replications of themselves, an addition to a growing family – a baby (the little people), a husband, a baby (the babes).

There’s much to be grateful for. They said college friends are friends for life. I really hope so. Missing the other guys though. You absentees! Now here are some groupies (#wefies?) – the kind of vanity you couldn’t refuse when in the mob. To drool over folks, hope we could get around a bit sometime.

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Kia, Bibang, Sisc – taking up Masters in CTU, with Anel
Shodi – under Sir Tiempo’s temple, LLC 🙂
Magding and Nins – public school babies
Undin – licensed (whohoo) and with a year-old-and-something beautiful baby girl; she can do your eyebrows now guys
Karen An – still doodling

Iching – well, what can we say? Happy and expecting. ‘Nuff said.

Others, from speculations and rumors:

Pearl – teaching at AIT, taking up Masters from CNU, with Jasmininsis
Dina – eperformax agent and ayeeh! Guess what.
Meding – teaching at St. Dom? Verify Ding
Bibang – ESL, Masters and busy
Sisc – ESL, (happy with Chi), and busy
Krislyn – married!, public school teacher too, and very very pregnant
Fanuel – St. Cecilia’s? (who can verify?)
Fretz – anak, kumusta na ikaw? straight hair, happy teacher
X-May – teaching?
Asil – sinong may balita sa tao na eytu?
Segismar – subbing, yeheay!
Mary Rose – Convergy’s?
Seares – ePer?

Segundina – calcium white, too busy being a beautiful bone

Hope to see you Viridans again, soon. No good-byes.

P.S. Mao pa ning pics akong nakawat from Dina. whehe